Tik Maynard takes Gold at Road to the Horse 2024

The World Championship of Colt Starting saw an international array of horsemanship talent at Road to the Horse 2024, as fans witnessed various training methods from competitors around the world. From March 21-24, fans were on the edge of their seats at the Kentucky Horse Park’s Alltech Arena, as the world’s best colt starters competed for the world championship title and $135,000 in prize money. Throughout the four days of competition, one common theme was witnessed — the horses always came first.  

With an Olympic theme, the United States, Canada, and Australia were well represented in the Championship Competition by Ken McNabb, Tik Maynard and Donal Hancock. These international competitors were joined by C.D. Wilcox, who qualified for the Championship Competition by winning the Wild Card Challenge held on Thursday and Friday. New for this year, the Pitchfork Ranch from Guthrie, Texas, provided both the colts and fillies for the championship and Wild Card remudas. In the end, Tik Maynard rode away with the championship aboard CAPERA CATT (#11, Goodluck Catt x Becaco Capera by Mr Haida Flo). 

“The biggest emotion I feel is just an overwhelming sense of gratitude for everything that has led me to this place,” stated Maynard. 

Maynard won all three rounds of the Championship competition with his colt. The pair’s quiet and steady progress throughout kept all in awe as he easily moved through the different components of the event. He finished with a cumulative score of 1,023.5. 

The duo sealed the deal in the obstacle course of Sunday’s competition and earned a standing ovation as they left the arena. Maynard demonstrated impressive horsemanship throughout the entire competition and mentioned several times how much of an emotional roller coaster the event is as a competitor.  

In total, Tik Maynard finished with $90,000 in earnings and received a Gist Silversmiths trophy buckle, an award saddle from Circle Y Saddles, and a custom Western hat from JW Brooks Custom Hat Co., along with several of prizes from Road to the Horse partners.  

“We are so pleased with how emotional and captivating the Road to the Horse journey was from start to finish,” stated Morris Equine Group President Tina Battock. “Our hats are off to all the competitors, fans, sponsors and crew who make it all possible.” 

The Wild Card Challenge, presented by Platinum Performance, proved to be an exciting addition to the event as Lindsey Patterson, John Baar and C.D. Wilcox partnered with Pitchfork Ranch fillies for their chance to advance into the championship round. Each Wild Card was teamed up with a past Road to the Horse competitor. Brandi Lyons, Mike Major, and Pat Parelli all took the role of Pen Wrangler as they offered their advice and assistance to their Wild Card competitor. 

C.D. Wilcox chose filly #5, TIGHTFITTENBLUJEANS (Once In A Blu Boon x Shiney Tea Pot Doc x Tejons Peppy Doc), a partnership that took him to the top of the scoreboard and directly into the Championship competition.  

“Road to the Horse means the world to me,” Wilcox said. “It’s a great opportunity for anybody. Win, lose or draw, this thing is so much fun, so well produced, I would do it for the rest of my life if they would let me.” 

At the end of the Wild Card Challenge, Wilcox received $5,000 for winning along with an award saddle from Circle Y Saddlery, and a custom Western hat from JW Brooks Custom Hat Co. The second-place Wild Card competitor, Patterson, received $3,000 and Baar received $2,000 in third place. Each Wild Card and Championship competitor also received a YETI cooler, custom leather jacket from Rocket Donkey and an array of products from our valued partners. 

Road to the Horse 2024 World Championship Competition

Tik Maynard | Cumulative Score: 1023.5 
Colt: #11, CAPERA CATT (Goodluck Cat x Becaco Capera) 
RTTH 2024 Earnings: 
Round 1 Winner: $5,000 
Round 2 Winner: $5,000 
Round 3 Winner: $5,000 
Overall World Champion: $75,000 

Donal Hancock | Cumulative Score: 891 
Colt: #3, COWBOYS LAST WAR CRY (Cowboy War Cry x Four Six Gal) 
RTTH 2024 Earnings: 
Overall Reserve World Champion: $20,000 
Jack Brainard Horsemanship Award

Ken McNabb | Cumulative Score: 839.5 
Colt: #4, SHINEY ROCKIN CD (Nasty CD x Shiney Rockin Lass) 
RTTH 2024 Earnings: 
Overall 3rd Place: $10,000 
C.D. Wilcox | Cumulative Score: 680.5 
Colt: #14, CATS DASHIN A LENA (Quejanaisalena x Cats Dashin Diamond) 
RTTH 2024 Earnings: 
Overall 4th Place: $5,000 

Wild Card Challenge presented by Platinum Performance

C.D. Wilcox | Cumulative Score: 836
Colt: #5, TIGHTFITTENBLUJEANS (Once In A Blu Boon x Shiney Tea Pot Doc x Tejons Peppy Doc)
RTTH 2024 Earnings:
Wild Card Champion: $5,000

Lindsey Patterson | Cumulative Score: 831.5
Colt: #3, DESIRE A BLU BOON (Once In A Blu Boon x Desire Some Shine By Shining Spark)
RTTH 2024 Earnings:
Wild Card Reserve Champion: $3,000

John Baar | Cumulative Score: 716.5
Colt: #4, SHESA QUEJANA CAT (Quejanaisalena x Shesa Skyline Cat By Bet Hesa Cat) 
RTTH 2024 Earnings:
Wild Card 3rd Place: $2,000

Complete Road to the Horse 2024 scores are available at www.RoadtotheHorse.com. Road to the Horse 2025 takes place at the Kentucky Horse Park on March 27-30. Tickets are available now at www.RoadtotheHorse.com or by calling 800-514-3849. Follow Road to the Horse on Facebook for the latest information.

(L-R) C.D. Wilcox (Wild Card Champion & 4th place), Ken McNabb (3rd place), Nick Rivera (Tik Maynard’s Pen Wrangler), Tik Maynard (RTTH 2024 World Champion), Donal Hancock (Jack Brainard Horsemanship Award Winner & RTTH 2024 Reserve Champion).