Road to the Horse 2025: A Colt of Many Colors

Since 2003, Road to the Horse has positioned itself as the industry’s most prestigious colt starting challenge. Creativity and innovation have been key components to the continued success of the event throughout the last two decades. With that in mind, the colt starting action at Road to the Horse 2025 will not disappoint as the event is set to celebrate the art of horsemanship and encapsulate all that is possible between a horse and rider during the four-day World Championship of Colt Starting at the Kentucky Horse Park, March 27-30, 2025. 

Starting as a blank canvas, colt starters build a relationship over time with a horse — element by element, stroke by stoke — creating a work of art, in their own unique way. The hands of a master horseman will be shown on the colt for the rest of his life and the brilliance of a finely started colt will shine brightly. Just like an artist, their finished piece reflects their knowledge and passion, with no two creations the same.

“Time and time again during discussions with past competitors, there is a consistent theme of colts being described as their canvas. We feel this is a beautiful metaphor to describe the relationship between horse and rider, and we look forward to celebrating this connection in 2025,” stated Morris Equine Group President Tina Battock. “Even before a horse is directed into a specific discipline, a strong foundation must be established. It is the conception of this relationship we wish to honor, as a started horse is indeed a colt of many colors.”

To celebrate the art of horsemanship and the Colt of Many Colors theme, the event will also feature a wide array of equine artists, vendors, and interactive activities along with educational clinics, demonstrations, and world class entertainment. 

The Wild Card Challenge will kick off the event on Thursday, March 27 and conclude on Friday, March 28, 2025. This will allow the champion of the Wild Card the chance to step directly into a Championship Competitor position for the second year in a row. 

The World Championship Competition will feature an international lineup of three competitors, showcasing talented colt starters from around the world. These three Championship Competitors will be joined by the Wild Card Challenge Champion, allowing a total of four colt starters to compete for horsemanship’s most prominent title, the World Championship of Colt Starting.Grab the best seats now for Road to the Horse 2025, held at the Kentucky Horse Park on March 27-30, 2025. Purchase your RTTH 2025 event ticket here.

Stay tuned for the announcement of our first Championship Competitor. Email [email protected] with questions or call at 817-569-7100.