C.D. Wilcox – Wild Card

Years as Pen Wrangler: Road to the Horse 2022 & 2023
Championship Competitor & 2024 Pen Wrangler: Mike Major

From there, C.D. began taking outside horses to improve their overall responsiveness and began training rope horses for himself and others. With the purchase of Shineon Resortfigure (aka “Friend”) in partnership with his parents as a weanling, C.D. set his sights on the American Quarter Horse Association World Show. C.D. entered his first AQHA show in the tie-down roping in 2016 and has qualified multiple horses to the World Show every year since. In 2018, he and Shineon Resortfigure accomplished his goal and won their first World Championship with several following in subsequent years. C.D. now has the joy of training and showing Friend’s many offspring and is proud to see the stud’s success continue through his bloodlines. The lessons learned on Friend will influence his horsemanship for years to come.

After many years in southeastern New Mexico, C.D. married Alexa Major, and the couple moved to north Texas. While there, C.D. had the opportunity to learn from his new father-in-law, Mike Major, and entered the world of cowhorse training. Dabbling in the cowhorse arena, C.D. felt his horsemanship and his horses continue to improve. To further expand their herds, he, his wife, and his parents continued to invest in breeding elite bloodlines. In January 2021, New Mexico Junior College called and asked C.D. to return to New Mexico to lead the Equine program and teach all classes for the Associate of Applied Science degree in Equine Industry and Training. Upon accepting the position, C.D. and Alexa moved back to Lea County, New Mexico, where they now reside.

C.D.’s training philosophy includes a foundation of trust and respect with clear communication. When it comes to starting colts, he feels that the preparation and groundwork are of most importance, which can be seen in how his horses act while on foot. C.D. strives for a horse to respond to cues in a relaxed and calm manner, which he aids by utilizing a help horse in the beginning of the round pen stages.

“I’m extremely excited to be a part of the Road to the Horse 2024 Wild Card Challenge. Being able to help my father-in-law, Mike Major, as his Pen Wrangler at Road to the Horse for the last two years has been a great privilege and experience. I am looking forward to trading places with him and stepping into the round pen with a chance to win a World title. Thank you, Road to the Horse, for this exceptional invitation”

C.D. Wilcox