Lindsey Patterson – Wild Card

Year as a Pen Wrangler: Road to the Horse 2022
Championship Competitor & 2024 Pen Wrangler: Brandi Lyons

Though an avid lover of all animals, horses have dominated Lindsey’s heart and soul. With over a decade riding and training for her successful business, Beyond The Bit, Lindsey has seen and done it all. Her training career began when she met her mentor and friend Brandi Lyons. Having completed both of Brandi’s intensive trainer certification programs, and subsequently working for Brandi as an assistant trainer, she has traveled across the country, engaging in horsemanship clinics, expositions and demonstrations.

Unlike many other successful trainers, Lindsey did not grow up with horses; however, her natural athleticism was a match for the challenge. Lindsey spent much of her youth winning multiple state championships in gymnastics and track and field, and twice she set the New Hampshire state record in pole vaulting. In her spare time, she worked as a stable hand in exchange for riding lessons. Her love of animals drove her to pursue a degree in Animal Science at Cornell University. At Cornell, Lindsey competed in the pole vault as a varsity track and field athlete, joined the Western Equestrian and Dairy Science Clubs, and went on to become president of Sigma Alpha, a professional agricultural sorority. Cultural curiosity led Lindsey across the pond, where she studied abroad in Italy and traveled around the globe through the University and clubs to Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Scotland and India.

A summer spent working at Absaroka Ranch in Dubois, Wyoming, proved to be a life-changing experience for Lindsey. At that moment in time, she understood and appreciated the incredible intelligence of and connection with horses and decided to follow her passion to combine both.

Lindsey started Beyond The Bit Horse Training in Wyoming in 2015, as the terrain and culture catered to her love of the outdoors, mountains and Western lifestyle. She specializes in colt starting and problem horses but caters to all riders and disciplines. Her focus and passion are developing a solid foundation on horses. She personally enjoys a variety of riding and training disciplines, including reining, trail, endurance, tricks and liberty work.  She believes that a solid foundation on a horse is all one needs to be successful in whichever discipline a rider chooses.  

In 2020, Lindsey took Beyond The Bit to California, so she could condition and train for the Western States Trail Ride, popularly called the Tevis Cup, a 100-mile endurance ride. In addition to starting colts and training, Lindsey competed in multiple 50-mile endurance rides. In 2021 she competed in and finished the Tevis Cup on a stallion that she started, trained and conditioned.  It was both hers and the horse’s first 100-mile ride.In 2022, Lindsey moved back to her home state of New Hampshire to be closer to her family.  She rides and trains at a beautiful facility in Freedom, New Hampshire. Lindsey and Beyond The Bit continue to offer specialized training through both in-person and online lessons, training and clinics. Learn more at

“I’m incredibly excited to be a competitor at the Road to the Horse 2024 Wild Card Challenge.  I’m even more excited that my mentor and good friend Brandi Lyons is my Pen Wrangler and that we will be back in action together. I’m honored, humbled and so inspired by this opportunity to be a part of Road to the Horse!”

Lindsey Patterson