A lifelong cowboy with strong family values, commitment to patriotism and faith in Christ, Ken McNabb grew up in a traditional ranching community in the mountains of Wyoming. This modern-day Roy Rogers knew from a young age that he wanted to work with people and horses and started studying horsemanship while still in junior high school. At 16 years old he knew this was absolutely his true calling. 

Since then, he has been changing people’s lives through his weekly television show (“Discovering the Horseman Within” airing on RFD-TV and The Rural Channel), social media platforms, nationwide clinics, three-week apprenticeship programs and special appearances at large expos. He still carries with him the passion and conviction he had as a young boy. Living his life on horseback has proven to be the ultimate way for Ken to reach out to people and their horses. In 2013, Ken was the recipient of the Telly Award for an educational program called “A Day in the Life of a Rancher.”

Ken is known for creating a unique environment where each horse is trained using gentle methods and the rider is coached to become their best. Ken often tells folks to “Dream Like a Kid and Ride Like a Cowboy.” Ken’s faith in Christ, along with his commitment to strong family values and patriotism, help make him the kind of speaker people truly enjoy and connect with.   

Ken’s other passions have always been ranching & livestock production. In 2009, Ken partnered with Diamond Land & Livestock of Douglas, Wyoming, to host the first ever Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horse Sale. The sale is now working towards its 16th year.

Together, Ken and his wife, DeeDee, with their two sons, Kurt and Trent, live in Lovell, Wyoming, at the base of the Bighorn Mountains, where they are dedicated as a family to teaching others to dream bigger, ride taller and live happier. Learn more about Ken McNabb Horsemanship at www.kenmcnabb.com.

“I am excited to return to Road to the Horse. I have always believed the principle that iron sharpens iron and that sharp iron should also be tempered by fire to bring about its greatest strength. My experience with Road to the Horse is that the competition will temper what the other competitors have sharpened. I am honored to be asked to compete this year as the representative for America. I look forward to meeting each of you at Road to the Horse, the greatest colt starting competition in the world”

Ken McNabb